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All about Thucydides

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New Mexico
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Job: College, it counts. Hobbies: music, science, soccer, rock climbing, backpacking, hiking, camping, pretty much anything outdoors.
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You know you've been climbing too long when... You go to church and you scout out routes to the ceiling. You know how to get on your roof without a ladder. You begin buying your shoes 2 sizes too small out of habit. You get mad of having to spend £40 on a pair of Levi's, but don't mind spending £200+ for a pair in Gore-tex. You have no idea why your hands are bleeding. You aerate your lawn with your crampons. Your climbing equipment is worth more than your car. You give up a decent job so you can climb more. You blow a good marriage so you can climb more. Your body is worn out and you need medical attention, but that would take away from your climbing time, so you continue to hobble. When you can't climb, you stoop so low as to read rec.climbing. You insist on eating out in older areas, since the buildings are more "climbable". Your list of names for future ascents are longer than your list of friends. You remember when the decimal system ended in 5.9. Your ice axe is made of wood. When walking down a cracked sidewalk, you're thinking, "That'll be a good hand hold".
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