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 Neo Marquis Application

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PostSubject: Neo Marquis Application   Mon Aug 02, 2010 3:24 pm

. What is your lord name?
Neo Marquis

2. How old are you? (You don't have to answer, though if left unanswered we will assume you are 10)

3. Why do you want to join this alliance?
To become stonger, make new friends, and learn what pocket empires is all about!

4. What was your previous alliance and why did you leave?

5. What can you bring to the alliance?
I can bring a new tactical outlook on a battlefeild and strategies. Also I enjoy helping my teammates out and making us the best!

6. What is your current approach/direction in the game?
I lie in the shadows building my army not causing anyone to notice me, then when my alliance calls on me I come forth with a mighty force for backup!

7. How often do you check on your cities?
I check on them nearly all the time, around 30 or more times

8. How often do you check the forums?
I check it at least every other day

9. Do you have a constructive, positive attitude?

10. Can you take criticism?
Yes, i Believe to be the best one must always be looking for ways to better oneself

11. How big is your army presently?
409 spys, 100 militia, 100 bowman, 100 longbow, 9 hussar,4 Ballista, 5 catipult, 350 swordsman, and growing!
12. Do you have any counties/metropolises/capitals? If so, how many?
I city and 1 country i believe

13. What is your current reputation?

14. Do you have any feuds with other players or alliances?
No, I have never had a feud with any other player or alliance

15. Do you know any current or past Dragon Claw members?
Yes, SMOKEX is my real life freind and recomended me to join
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PostSubject: Re: Neo Marquis Application   Mon Aug 02, 2010 7:02 pm

As I stated in game around noon please resubmit yourself to pending in game. Smokex, this morning, affirmed knowing you both on forums and in game.
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Neo Marquis Application
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